Bus Routes in Barnsley Borough Diverted Due to Vandalism

Numerous bus routes operating through Wombwell High Street have been temporarily diverted at night due to an increase in anti-social behaviour and vandalism in the area.

Stagecoach announced on March 24th that routes 22x, 67, 222 and 226, all of which serve the town centre, will not pass through Wombwell High Street after 6pm for the rest of the week, after reports of objects being thrown at buses in the area.

The decision came just two days after bus routes were suspended for an hour in the town after 'a small group of youths' were seen causing damage to vehicles.

However, Stagecoach was forced to take further action as the vandalism persisted. Many people have been left without transport as a result.

Police, having received 25 reports of anti-social behaviour in just 10 days, commented that they are aware of the issue and tackling it is one of their top priorities, although their work might ‘not always be visible to the public.’

One strategy the police have taken is, what they call, 'Operation Trojan Horse', where plain clothed police officers board buses to catch perpetrators in the act.

One resident raised concerns about the stress she faces travelling home on an evening, stating, ‘things are hard enough as it is without having to walk home alone in the dark from the bypass after a 10-hour day... It’s a joke.’

Another added, ‘I have lived here 5 years and I have never known or seen anything like this.’

Complaints in the area have risen recently as numerous cases of anti-social behaviour have taken place. There have been reports of small groups riding bikes into shops, throwing firecrackers at passers-by and dropping objects onto people from rooftops. A situation that locals fear might be growing uncontrollable, even for police.

Stagecoach have said that they’re working closely with police and hope to return to normal service soon.

These suspensions come just days after another bus route in Swinton, five miles away, was subjected to police monitoring after objects were thrown at vehicles. A spokesperson for Stagecoach added it’s an issue that’s seemingly growing in many areas.

The routes are set to return to normal operation on Monday 29th March.